Washington County

Correctional Facility

The Washington County Correctional Facility operates numerous programs to address the problems, addictions, and educational needs of the inmates. These programs adapt and change as needed based on the needs of the inmates. 

Correctional Facility

The Washington County Correctional Facility, located in Washington Pennsylvania, is a County owned and operated facility. The correctional facility is governed by a prison board comprised of the County Commissioners, president judge, Sheriff, District Attorney, and the County Controller. The facility provides for the maintenance of those being held in custody pending disposition of their charges and those who are sentenced to two years or less.

Direct Supervision

This is a "direct supervision" facility. Direct supervision is a management philosophy of empowering staff, coupled with a specific supervision style with inmates that is backed by the building design. A highly trained staff combined with this facility creates a jail that effectively and efficiently controls inmate behavior. It is safe, clean, secure, and cost effective. Inappropriate behavior is controlled leaving more time and funds available for the treatment of those incarcerated, creating a much more positive experience for the inmates and staff. The concept provides an environment conducive to improved working conditions for the staff and the redirection of those confined. It also provides the public with a safe and secure structure that complies with, and in many cases, exceeds standards set forth by local, state, federal, and other governing bodies.

Our Beliefs

The Washington County Correctional Facility firmly believes in the rehabilitation of those in custody. It is essential to identify problems and attitudes relating to the inmate's criminality and to implement, maintain, and monitor programs that will prepare them to confront these problems in a constructive manner once returned to society. The Facility shall endeavor to prepare inmates to return to society as contributing and productive members and is not intended to be punitive. Effective 4/23/19, the Correctional Facility will no longer be accepting photographs by mail. All photo's must be sent in digitally through accesscorrections.com


95 W Beau St, Washington, PA 15301 | 724-228-6700