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Direct Supervision Pod 

Typical pod_thumb.jpg

A pod is a direct supervision term for a housing unit. The correction officer is the manager of the entire pod and is the inmates’ first level supervisor, counselor, facilitator, and source of information. All things for a residence of this facility flow through this officer. Pod officers are the key to a direct supervision facility. This photo illustrates the cleanliness, order, and the ease with which an officer can view the entire pod. 

Inmate Room 

Typical Cell.jpg

Inmates are confined to their cells during the night, counts, and at certain other times. A typical direct supervision cell utilizes standard fixtures, similar to what you would find in a school or hospital. These help create a more normal environment and are much less costly.


Pod Day Space 

Typical Day Space.jpg

The pod day space is where inmates spend any free time (when not in programs or at a court appearance). This is also the area where inmates eat all of their meals. The officer moves throughout this area, talking with and observing the inmates. You may also note that this area is carpeted with acoustic tiles. These absorb sound creating a more normalized environment and enhances security by allowing the officer to hear what is happening on their pod.



control station view.jpg

This is the officer's point of view from the control station. It can be seen here how the facility design lends itself to supervision. Virtually the entire pod is in view of the Officer. This enables the Officer to monitor the entire pod at once, without having to make constant tours though the pod. This allows the officer to spend more time with individual inmates without neglecting the overall supervision of the pod.


Visiting Area 

Visiting Booths.jpg

The visiting booths are located directly on the housing units. This not only minimizes the need for staff involvement in conducting visits, but actually allows the visitor to see into the inmate living environment relieving apprehension about their client, friend, or loved one. Inmates are encouraged to maintain family ties. To help facilitate this, regular visiting is available. View more information on inmate visitation.


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