Washington County
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Washington County Correctional Facility Programs

  • The facility operates adult basic education courses to address inmate literacy and those who have not received a high school diploma.
  • An inmate worker program teaches inmates basic skills in food service, housekeeping, and laundry while providing for the needs of the general population.
  • The facility also has several intensive programs, which address the inmate’s addiction, living skills, and any other aspects deemed necessary by the instructor. These include Path Finders, Second Chance, Catholic Charities, Narcotics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • The facility has also entered into partnership with the Good News Jail and Prison Ministries. This effort will provide for a full time chaplain who will insure that the inmate’s religious needs are met and seek out and coordinate volunteers to provide these programs. The effort is totally funded by outside sources without the use of tax dollars.
  • There is also the Alternative Sentence program. This program supervises inmates that are released for employment, education, and treatment. This acts as a prerelease program in many instances and enables inmates to begin paying their fines, costs, restitution, and court ordered payments while still incarcerated under the supervision of the correctional facility, all while being monitored and drug tested on a regular basis.

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