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Act 13 Funds Usage Reporting

As per Act 13, Section 2 314(h2), Reporting: “Municipalities receiving Act 13 funds shall submit information to the Commission (PUC) on a form prepared by the Commission.” Reports are due April 15th of each year of the program. Please see the links below for the Planning Commission correspondence to municipalities, the fillable forms, and the Washington County report.

Funds from 2 years before are reported on for each report (2011 numbers were received in 2012 and reported on in 2013; 2012 numbers were received in 2013 and reported on in 2014, etc.)

Washington County Planning Commission posts the municipal forms on the Washington County website for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please call the Planning Commission office for more information on the submitting process. Thank you.

UPDATE JUNE 7, 2013 - The Washington County Planning Commission has completed a SUMMARY SPREADSHEET showing all the Act 13 Funds collected by municipalities and the Categories that those funds were allotted to. Please see the PDF and EXCEL files listed below.

Unconventional Gas Well Funds Usage Report Memorandum

Unconventional Gas Well Funds Usage Report (Blank Forms)

Washington County Funds Usage Report


Fund Usage Report Summary Spreadsheet

Municipal Funds Usage Report County and Municipal Reports

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has offered electronic submittal of reports for municipalities.  All Act 13 reports for all reporting years can now be viewed on the PUC Act 13 website.

Helpful Resources

Due to the high frequency of calls pertaining to oil and gas well leasing, the Washington County Planning Commission has put together a one-stop shop for information to help answer these questions.

Oil and Gas Act - Act 13 (Unconventional Gas Operations Impact Fee) Information

The Oil and Gas Act was modified recently with Act 13 - the Unconventional Gas Operations Impact Fee. The act not only addresses the purpose and structure of the impact fee being assessed to unconventional gas extractors (Marcellus Shale and deeper), it also addresses modifications to DEP regulations as well as zoning controls. Please see the below links for the legislative document and additional information.

Please check this site regularly for new information sources and updates. Please call (724) 228-6811 or Penn State Cooperative Extension at (724) 228-6881 with any additional questions.


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