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Joint Municipal Purchasing Program

As an effort to provide our 66 municipalities with an opportunity to purchase numerous municipal supplies, Washington County has a the Joint Municipal Purchasing Program. The greater the number of municipalities that participate in the program, the lower the bid prices will be to accommodate those participants in a competitive market. 

Primary features include:
Lower prices through group buying.
Savings of advertising dollars.
Municipalities are not bound to buy.
There is no fee to join and no penalty to withdraw.

Participating communities anticipate their usage by filling out the survey form (January for summer supplies; July for winter supplies). Survey forms are tabulated, and the total amount of all communities is advertised for bid.  Once bids are received and certified, a community buying from the low bidder is considered to have honored the legal advertising requirements and thus saves the cost of advertising.  All products are bought directly from the vendor. 

Participating municipalities themselves need to make separate awards to the lowest responsible bidder for each item. The awards should be made in a timely manner after bid opening and is dependent on the guidelines of each municipality. See Special Instructions for additional information.  

Summer Materials for Bid Deadline: Municipal Surveys Due February 9, 2024. 
Liquid asphalt, bituminous surfacing material, rock aggregates, rock lining, corrugated metal pipe, corrugated plastic pipe, and any other materials (must be ordered in a significant quantity to be included in bid proposal) specified by municipality.

Winter Materials for Bid: Anti-skid material, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, cold patch, motor oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, and any other materials (must be ordered in a significant quantity to be included in bid proposal) specified by municipality. Important! Liquid fuels monies cannot be used to purchase coal ash.

Special Instructions 
Anticipated Quantities Survey Form

Special Instructions DOA - September 30, 2024 
Winter Commodities List 
Arcosa Aggregates 
Ligonier Stone & Lime Co. 
Morton Salt, Inc. 
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Special Instructions DOA - April 4, 2024 
Summer Commodities List 
Chemung Supply Corp 
Coolspring Stone Supply Inc 
Culverts Inc. 
Golden Eagle Construction 
Heidelberg Material Northeast 
Midland Asphalt Materials 
One Nation Distribution 
Russell Standard


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