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Coroner's Task Force on Hazards and Roadway Safety

Addressing Unsafe Conditions since 1992

The Coroner's Task Force was established in 1992, the result of collaboration between Coroner Warco and J.J. Miller, safety advisor with West Penn AAA. The task force's primary goal was to identify, with the help of the community, roadway safety issues within the county. Today, that goal has expanded to include "other" hazards, such as mine subsidence, which could lead to injury or loss of life. A hazard is a condition that, uncorrected, can lead to injury or death.

How Can The Task Force Help?

The Task Force sometimes identifies hazards through circumstances, but most of our reports come from concerned members of the community. We take your concerns seriously. We document them, and then we go to work, addressing them with the leaders empowered to correct them. This may be community leaders, departments of public works, street departments, PennDOT, utility companies, and others. We utilize our resources and connections to find alternatives, even when you've been given the run around. The Task Force is a true example of government working for you.

Reporting Unsafe Roadways or Hazards

If you see an unsafe condition on, near, or around a roadway (poor or worn markings, unsafe intersections; and conditions like subsidence, flooding, low utility wires, etc) or another hazard in Washington County, please report it to the Task Force.

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